Thursday, September 15, 2011

VéloCity to Relocate: They Need Your Help!

I came across this this morning. This is the bike co-op that organizes the pedicab operation I pedaled for last summer, where I built up my lovely Surly Long Haul Trucker with the help of the volunteers, and where I've done too little volunteering myself. It's a great outfit, a great group of people, and a worthy cause. They've been in a great spot along Union Street near the water and right along the on-street portion of the Mount Vernon Trail in Old Town Alexandria. I know I have limited readership (to say the least) but if anyone sees this post and has any ideas, please help out Velocity Bike Co-op!

From their website:

Our warehouse home at 204 S. Union St. in Old Town has been sold, and we must move out by the end of January.

We have limited time, and need a short list of viable locations so that we can review options, make a decision, negotiate a lease, and relocate.  We can use your skills, knowledge, contacts, and ideas to help us find and finance a new location in Alexandria, Arlington, or DC that has:Close access to a bicycle trail or high-volume bicycle route

800+ square feet of open ground floor space
Bathroom and heat

Please spread the word; communityengagement and participation are what make this cooperative successful, and we are committed to our mission to support a vibrant and inclusive bicycling culture in the community!

Please direct suggestions/information/questions to:


  1. Hopefully not sad. The organization is not going away. They just need to find a new home. Let's hope they can do that.