Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The DC area continues to see previews of the worldwide calamities that will no doubt spell the end of civilization as we know it in 2012. How can I be so sure about the 2012 thing?! Because a critical mass of quackpots from all over the world agree and are predicting the end of the world in 2012.

The flavor of the week for last week was flooding. Today, it was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that felt like it lasted a good twenty to thirty seconds. At work, the office was evacuated for some time before they deemed it safe to go back inside.

This did not happen in DC, but we did have an earthquake today.
Now, following the tremor, the following update is on the DC Metro's website:

Metro Earthquake Update 1
 As a result of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in the Washington, DC area:
·         As of 1:59 p.m., all trains are operating at 15 mph.
·         Metro personnel are conducting track inspections of the entire rail system.
·         There are no reported customer injuries at this time.

Customers should expect significant delays on Metrorail until further notice due to the reduced operating speed.
News release issued at 2:34 pm, August 23, 2011.

Much in the same vein as last week's post on flooding, I am glad that I will not have to deal with the impact and delays this will mean for everyone trying to take the train home tonight.
Next on the preview list for 2012... a possible brush starting Sunday with Hurricane Irene, which looks like it might come straight up the Chesapeake Bay after hitting North Carolina. If this keeps up, I predict that by mid-September, I will have blog posts about how my commute has (or has not) been affected by the Ebola virus, massive swarms of locusts, and huge firestorms.

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