Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CaBi for Alexandria Approved by City Council

Great news! Capital Bikeshare one step closer to coming to Alexandria!!! As reported in an e-mail from the president of the Alexandria BPAC (Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee), the Alexandria City Council voted in favor of expanding the Capital Bikeshare network to Alexandria. AS he wrote:
I want to thank everyone who sent an email to city council as they said they were overwhelmed with emails of support.
Mine was one of those e-mails. In one of those cases where you realize you can influence local government so much more than state or federal, my e-mail, submitted earlier in the day to the mayor, the vice mayor and all council members through the city website, actually received a fairly rapid response, from the vice mayor no less:
It has my support.
Kerry J. Donley
Vice Mayor
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According to Froggie, the first six stations are to go in spring or summer 2012. They're almost all in Old Town, mostly along King Street, but it looks like they're planning a bike share station at my Braddock Road metro as well. Froggie's going to have a followup piece on Greater Greater Washington tomorrow, which I assume will be cross-posted on his own blog as well.

Yay for the coming arrival of CaBi in Alexandria!!!

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